About Us

SUPPORTA is a new brand of interior doors, whose mission is to enable high quality and modern design affordably. With the help of local skills and knowledge while using advanced technologies in the production process, high productivity and efficiency have been achieved, reaching the goal of producing economical modern and quality doors. With the cooperation of Italian designers, paying special attention to every detail of the aesthetic experience, our doors are designed not only to satisfy the basic function, but also rather to be an enhancement to every interior.

SUPPORTA doors are manufactured according to the European norms, using the highest quality eco-friendly materials of world-renowned manufacturers. This ensures constant quality, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

SUPPORTA meets aesthetic demands of interior designers as the door line with provocative contemporary decor and exceptional finishing. Functional and elegant, SUPPORTA is suitable for all housing typologies and different interior design styles. Modest original organic design evokes the natural structure, and the unique pattern gives the impression of handmade doors. It is the imperfections of natural forms that make nature perfect.