White - Solid

Single P1
Single P3
Single P4
P1 with transom-light
P3 with transom-light
P4 with transom-light
Double P1/P1
Double P3/P3
Double P4/P1

Door wing

  • Universal (left / right)
  • Supplied with a built-in magnetic lock
  • Top and bottom side protected with water-resistant coating
  • Straight cut, thickness 38mm, finished with ABS band
  • Ram made of MDF, thickness 40mm
  • Cover made of HDF board thickness 3mm
  • Coated with CPL laminate foil
  • Wings filled with natron honeycomb


  • Two types of walking sticks for wall thickness from 13 to 29 cm and for narrow walls from 8 to 13 cm (expandable over 29 cm for extra charge)
  • Made of MDF thickness 35 mm
  • 80 mm thick MDF laths
  • Walking piece of stomach with a thickness of 6 mm
  • Coated with CPL laminate foil
  • Supplied with three transient self-priming boat hinges and an opening for the magnetic coupler


CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate)

is a material that is made of resin-impregnated fiber net, in the continuous pressing process. The result is a high-resistance material primarily distinguished by resistance to scratching, abrasion, sunlight and basic home care.


transient, self-lubricating hinge with ball bearings of large capacity.

All door models have 3 hinges.

Magnetic lock AGB

Minimalist design, allows precise and silent closing.

Tab is made of polyamide and magnet. Strike plate is made of nickel.

Ideal wall-opening dimensions:

Single-width standard: 70, 80, 90, 100cm

Single-width customized: 76, 86, 96cm

Double doors width: 120, 140, 160, 180cm

Height: 203 cm from the finished flooring

Transom light door height: 237cm

Sliding door width: 70, 80, 90cm

Sliding door height: 203cm from the finished flooring

Download dimension table

Cross section of the door and door wing

  1. Door leaf, universal (left / right), non-rebated, thickness 38mm. ABS edge band.
  2. Door leaf panels - HDF 6mm thick.
  3. Door leaf double inner frame of MDF, 50mm thick.
  4. MDF door frame 35mm thick.
  5. Adjustable MDF elongation of the jamb 6mm thick - the possibility of jamb adjustment from 8-13 cm and from 13-29 cm.
  6. MDF door trimmings, architraves, width 80 mm