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Single P1
Single P3
Single P4
P1 with transom-light
P3 with transom-light
P1 with transom-light
Double Door P1/P1
Double Door P3/P3
Double Door P4/P1
Single P1

Door wing

  • Universal (left / right)
  • Magnetic lock included
  • Top and bottom rails of the inner frame impregnated with waterproof layer
  • Non-rebated, thickness 38mm
  • ABS edgeband on vertical sides
  • Inner frame made of moisture resistant MR-MDF, 40mm thickness
  • Door skin made of HDF panels, 3mm thickness
  • CPL surface with unique effect
  • “Sauerland Spanplatte” extruded particle board inside


  • Two types of adjustable door jamb: for the wall thickness from 13cm to 29cm and for thinner walls, from 8cm to 13cm (possibility of adjusting the frame for thicknesses above 29cm at extra charge)
  • Made of MDF, 35mm thickness
  • Door trims, architraves, made of MDF - 80mm width
  • Adjustable elongation of the jamb made of MDF, 6mm thickness
  • CPL surface with unique effect
  • Included are three transient hinges, self-lubricating with ball bearings of large capacity and pre-milled opening for the magnetic tab


CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate)

is a material that is made of resin-impregnated fiber net, in the continuous pressing process. The result is a high-resistance material primarily distinguished by resistance to scratching, abrasion, sunlight and basic home care.


transient, self-lubricating hinge with ball bearings of large capacity.

All door models have 3 hinges.

Magnetic lock AGB

Minimalist design, allows precise and silent closing.

Tab is made of polyamide and magnet. Strike plate is made of nickel.

Ideal wall-opening dimensions:

Single-width standard: 70, 80, 90, 100cm

Single-width customized: 76, 86, 96cm

Double doors width: 120, 140, 160, 180cm

Height: 203 cm from the finished flooring

Transom light door height: 237cm

Sliding door width: 70, 80, 90cm

Sliding door height: 203cm from the finished flooring

Extruded particle board

Extruded particle board is a board with cylindrical opening, made of specifically oriented fibers to achieve maximum rigidity. It represents ideal proportion between weight and rigidity. In addition it guarantees improved heath and sound insulation.

Moisture resistant door leaf frame

Made of MDF with moisture resistant resins which improve frame’s resistance to moisture conditions without changing mechanical characteristics of MDF

Download dimension table

Cross section of the door and door wing

  1. Door leaf, universal (left / right), non-rebated, thickness 38mm. ABS edge band.
  2. Door leaf panels - HDF 6mm thick.
  3. Door leaf double inner frame of MDF, 50mm thick.
  4. MDF door frame 35mm thick.
  5. Adjustable MDF elongation of the jamb 6mm thick - the possibility of jamb adjustment from 8-13 cm and from 13-29 cm.
  6. MDF door trimmings, architraves, width 80 mm